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I'm 24+4 and usually your uterus measures in centimeters about where you are uterus is measuring at 30 cm/wks. Ob is concerned that if I were to get too close to term that the baby might be close to 9.5lbs and too big for me to push out. He knows I don't want a c-section and wants to help me avoid it if possible. I'll let you know of that date once I know. 

I wish I had had your doctor when I was pregnant with my first son!  My husband was in the army at the time, so we were at the military hospital on post and it was terrible!  I got basically minimal care and only 1 ultrasound at 20 weeks.  They let me go 5 days over due (even though my husband only had 18 days at home during his year long deployment which he scheduled to be around my due date so he'd be able to spend some time with his newborn son) and he ended up being 9lbs 5oz!  Luckily my body was able to handle a baby that size, but it would've been nice to have a smaller kiddo!  Especially since the epidural had worn off by the time I was ready to push.  EEK!  This time around, I'm back with my original OB and she is amazing!  Inducing me at 38 + 3 on the 14th!  My uterus is mearuring a couple of weeks ahead so she doesn't want me to have another 9 pounder!  And I'm all for that! 

 Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy.  My next appt is also the 6th.  We're in the home stretch!

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