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Welcome! Please read before posting in this forum.

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26-Oct-07 3:22 pm

Welcome to the Gender Disappointment forum!

What this forum is about: This forum provides support for people who are feeling disappointed because their baby is not the gender that was hoped for. While nothing is more important than a baby's health, many parents have a special dream of raising a son or a daughter, and it is painful when that dream doesn't come true.

Who is welcome here: Anyone who is experiencing gender disappointment is welcome here. The majority of posters here are mothers of boys who long for a daughter, but all others are welcome as well. This includes those who have girls and hope for a boy, first-time parents, those who want another of the same gender, and those who have been through infertility.

If you are a father, you will see that mostly moms post here, but dads are very welcome too!

Rules for posting here: As always, be kind and respectful to all other members. Posts along the lines of "you should just be happy to have children" are not permitted. (We already know this, thank you.) Unkind posts in this forum will be removed swiftly and without apology. This is a forum for support, not criticism.

If you are experiencing gender disappointment, I want you to know that you are not alone, you are not a bad parent, and you will feel better. We have been where you are, and it will help you to talk to us. Please come in. Heart

Our forum leaders in this forum are: babybleux & newbaby2011

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