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Embarrased when asked "how many kids to you have?"

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28-Nov-10 1:25 pm

While I don't have that many children I get it ALL the time. I am going to turn 23 next month and I have a daughter who will be 4 in March. I was 19 when she was born, married and happy. She was planned and wanted. Granted her father and I divorced and I met my sweet precious man 2 years later and we are expectign our first together in July. However, I look VEERRRYY young. My dad is 51 and everyone thinks he's still in his late 30's. i look like I'm barely pushing 17, barely. People see me and DD out together especially right after the gym or something when I'm not all "dressed up" and Oh man the looks and comments I get.

I was very gifted in school and finished early, achieved my Bachelors a year early as well and work privately for a surgeon as his personal assistant. I will have patients come in and get very hesitant about letting me touch them because they think I'm a highschool observer or something. I know I won't mind when I'm 40 but gosh give me some credit!!!!

Anyway. I am very proud of myself, my parenting and my little girl and proud to be expecting another with a man that I love dearly and who loves us back. So I just answer all the questions i get with pride and confidence and it usually shuts people up. And I can't help but chuckle to myself when my little girl is saying "yes ma'am" "thank you" "please" and shring in public at the park or Dr's office and see "older" parents yelling and their kids throwing tantrums. Just a little pat on the back for myself!!

"I may be small but I matter. Teach me. Love me. Believe in me. Because with your guidance, one day, when I'm all grown up, I will be someone amazing"

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