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30-Apr-10 10:30 pm

After 3 dd's, were finally getting our BOY. I cried so hard when the tech said BOY and said she was positive. I did have a total of 4 ultrasounds all at different places to make sure. After 3 girls I wanted to be sure.. So many ladies have helped me here and I love them.. I owe this all to TAMARA and MAUREEN AND THE LADIES THAT SHARED WHAT THEY DID, GAVE ME ADVICE AND WAS JUST SUPPORTIVE WHEN I NEEDED IT. XOXO


Name - Phoenix

Gender Resulted - A boy

Swaying Attempt -TBM


CM pH - 5ish or lower naturally, with BSF 9+ (no matter what I did my ph would not rise.. not with diet, ACV, lemon water, ASV). I

DH pH - 9+

Baking soda douche - no
Baking soda on finger on attempt or week before - 3x daily week before, every few hours on BD days and 3x day until after O

Did you use Pre-seed, and what was its PH? - no

Egg whites used/type/pH - yes. Davidson Organic eggs. Eggwhite ph 9
Big O - yes, after IC was inserted and sat upright for 3 hours. My back killed me (i forgot to add this)


Calcium - strictly avoided, but still got a little from some veggies

Magnesium - strictly avoided, but still got a little  from veggies

Potassium -  lots from diet.. ate tons of bananas, tomatoes, potatoes

Sodium - added salt to everything
DH minerals - added salt to everything and increases potassium


Dietary Changes -  boy diet for me  and dh 2 cycles, Fast food w/ fries , steak & ground beef, potatoes, tomatoes, salami, bananas, raisins; no dairy at all, avoided cal & mag foods

Did you continue diet after attempt/ how long?  - yes, continued until + HPT

DH caffeine consumption before BD day? - pop occasionally

DH caffeine 1/2 hour or an hour before BD? - yes, Red Bull


Drinks -

Supplements - TT for me and dh


Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) - no
Robitussin/Guafanesin tablets - yes

Alka Seltzer Gold - no

Green Tea - occasionally
Fertile-CM - no
False Unicorn - no

E - 250 IU daily

Fish Oil - 1000mg daily

Folic Acid - 800mcg daily

Flaxseed Oil - no
Alfalfa - no
Drinks - 1-2 liters lemon water daily    
Others - muncinex, zinc, BP/RJ, potassium 198mg

DH supps - zinc, folic acid 800mcg, fish oil 1000mg, TT, Vit E 250IU, potassium 198mg


Length of DH abstinance - 4 day cutt off
BD on O - yes
How close to O - On O day

BD how often - Once on attempt day

Charting O with Temp - no (I stopped temping due to getting a slow rise and it was stressing me out thinking I was trying for ds on the wrong day) Thats when I started using OPK's with smiley face.

Charting O with OPK - Yes. I used answer up until O was very close then I used smiley face OPK's

Charting O with CM - yes

Fertility monitor used/type - none

Suspected O date -    Cycle day 14 


Oed in what moon phase - IDK
Changed ions in other ways? - laptop on lap


How many kids do you have? 3
What gender(s)? - ALL GIRLS

# of months TTC - 15 

Your Age - 33
BD position - missionary

EWCM present/how much? - A little

DH undies type - boxer breifs
Did you use instead cups/how long? - yes, Left in for a few hours, when I took out there was nothing left. I layered it with 3ml of eggwhites. before I inserted IC in, I did bsf and put 1ml of eggwhites in.

DH cold bath/ shower or ice - no

Ice on jewels before attempt - no( I was pissed for not icing jewels)

OWT - anything under bed? - a blue bib under the bed


Comments? - All of my symptoms pointed to girl... I had acne, headaches in the first trimester, huge boobs, dark pee, urine 6.5.


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1-May-10 12:18 am

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1-May-10 12:29 am


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1-May-10 12:46 am

CONGRATULATIONS PHOENIX!!!Happy Celebrate I am so happy for you.....Enjoy shopping BLUE

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1-May-10 11:18 am

Congratulations! Enjoy your baby boy.

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1-May-10 5:04 pm
Wow! Congratulations! When I originally read your sway, I thought it was so awesome and was actually shocked when you said "girl" before! Enjoy picking out names and have a wonderful rest of your pregnancy.... Congrats again!

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1-May-10 5:08 pm

Happy  LOL Congrats!

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1-May-10 5:29 pm


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1-May-10 9:41 pm

 Congrats Happy Smile

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1-May-10 11:06 pm

 Congrats on your baby boy!! You made me cry.. and am so happy for you.. after 13 month of TTC, and  finally it worth 

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4-May-10 10:05 am

Congratulations to you and I am so happy that you are getting your boy!

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4-May-10 12:00 pm

Congratulations!  I hope we are as lucky as you!!

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4-May-10 12:02 pm

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4-May-10 6:58 pm

Thank u guys so much!! xoxo


There were times when I wanted to stop swaying because I was frustrated because I wasnt getting pregnant. I took a break for 3 or 4 months and came back swaying. Dont give up girls! Keep trying for your BOY.


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19-May-10 10:08 am

Where did you find Davidson Organic eggs. Thanks in advance

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