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Copper IUD at 39 yrs old after baby

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30-Apr-10 4:07 am

 I am thinking of starting to use a copper IUD after baby and have it inserted at 6 week check up.   I've never used the copper, had a BAD experience with the Minera, which is a hormonal IUD, and I can't do any birth control pills either.     Anybody have any bad/good experieces with the copper IUD??   I normally just avoided DTD when ovulation comes, and that's worked perfectly since I was 25 years old, but now I'm getting on (close to 40 years old now) and periods may become irregular in the coming months/years, and with breastfeeding and all in the short term...

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3-May-10 1:50 am

Hiya I dont know much about IUD i did have the needle that worked really well fo rme, but if you plan on more children i wouldnt recommend it as once its in your system its sticks for good tho no AF was bliss.






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4-May-10 3:48 pm

I had the Paraguard for almost 7 yrs. and I loved it.  I am planning on getting one again after this baby is born.

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4-May-10 3:50 pm

Copper IUD about 5yrs Happy  LOL

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