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Checking in after a long Break!

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28-Apr-10 12:41 pm

Hi ladies.  I can't believe that it's been almost 8 months since our babies arrived.  The time has just flown by, and it's been so great having a baby in the house again.  I've been having a bit of a GD relapse this month (the 1 year anniversary of my US really seemed to bring the sadness back up.)  I'm just all over the map on my plans for the future.  Some days I just want to be done and move on with my life, and then the next day I'm planning to head to Mexico for Microsort next summer.  I just feel like I will always wonder what if if I don't try one more time.  And I also know that I will never feel totally at peace and whole with my family if I never have a daughter.  I know some people can, but the more I think about it, I just don't see that ever happening.  And I think the other thing that has really triggered my feelings is my best friend whose daughter was stillborn 1 month before I had my baby, is pregnant again and just found out it's a boy.  It just makes me mad at how unfair life can be sometimes.  I was just praying and praying that she would have another girl to help her heal from losing her only daugher. 

My little guy is getting so big and is sitting up and rolling around.  He is such a happy sweet baby, and he is adored by his brothers.  My 2nd son especially is just in love with him, and he laughs and laughs for his brother.  I really am in love with this baby, and am so glad I ended up with this darling little boy, I just wish he could have a little sister!

I hope you are all doing good and enjoying your little ones.

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28-Apr-10 6:46 pm

I know how you are feeling, just on the opposite spectrum.  As we have four daughters.  I really beleived if I had a 4th baby it would be a boy.  I was in shock when the ultasound tech said girl.  Right after the birth of our 4th daughter, I thought I wanted to try again I begged my husband not to get a vasectomy. 

Now I feel that my family is complete and I am at peace.  If you are not at peace you may always wonder "what if".  Leave your options open and let your heart be your guide :)

 Good luck and best wishesHappy Sunshine


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29-Apr-10 11:59 am

Hello!  How lovely to hear from you.  Glad your ds is doing well; that photo is adorable!  Sorry to hear about your GD, it must be sooo hard.  I totally agree with juliesblessings; keep your options open.  That 'what if' feeling can eat you up inside so you need to make sure that you make the right decision for you and your family x

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29-Apr-10 3:29 pm


Aww your son is beautiful! xxxx


big (((hugs))) thou sorry to hear about the GD, know how your feeling hunny as ive been there myself not that long ago. like u DS4 is a complete sweetheart and certinly wouldnt be without him. 

if your not ready to give up the dream of a daughter then i wouldnt , id say go for it.  

some people can just "let it go" but others not so, myself being one of them. i couldnt let it go, thankfully i found this site and gave it one last try and here my sweet marissa is! 

it CAN happen for u to! i truly belive that! 

i sometimes think the reason we feel "not done" is coz theres more to come.. our destiny's steping in ... u understand? 

i wish u all the best anyways and i hope u get to have your princess one day to! xxxxxxxxx


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30-Apr-10 12:35 pm

I'm right there with you.

I feel like its not fair others are having girls and myself I have been blessed with only boys. When is it my turn, when I have 100 boys? lol I am pregnant again, very close to finding out what it is and I am going crazy. I feel upset if its a boy, and afraid of GD. I dont want people thinking I hate him. I hope for a sister for the boys cus I think this is the last one.

Your son is gorgeous.

So glad you checked in.

Hugs Violet Annick Hugs Violet

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23-May-10 4:07 pm

I know this is an old thread but I still wanted to comment.  I have all of these same feelings.  Why do I feel like there is a hole in my heart?  Is is just going to some day go away?  Or does this feeling mean I should keep trying?  So many questions, my heads spinning.  This web site has giving me hope and helped me to see that there are people out there that feel like me.  It's been healing for me. 

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23-May-10 5:01 pm

Just want to say I hope you find peace with whatever you decide.

Your son is adorable!


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