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Brazil Butt Lift DVD


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26-Apr-10 1:58 am

So I have been a major gym rat but this will have to change since my daughter was fired from her gym childcare :( Lately she's been experiencing (well, not every day but enough where it's an issue) what seems like pretty bad separation anxiety which makes it impossible for them to watch the other kids while trying to calm my little lady.

Until I figure out a good gym plan I am now back to attempting to work out at home. I can't do this during the day since my little one doesn't really give me time for it but I will be doing DVDs when she falls asleep. I saw an infomercial for the Brazil Butt Lift and after reading the reviews on Amazon I am SOLD! It's expensive but I found it for lots cheaper used on Craigslist. The VS model Alessandro Ambrosio does these work-outs and check out this before/after shot!

Have any of you tried this set of DVDs? The one problem I am having w/my body  after having my baby is LIFTING my butt back. It never occurred to me that this would be a problem since I now work out so often but(t) (hehe) it is. I will be doing some before/after shots as I do the dvd.

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26-Apr-10 10:06 pm
let us know how you find this DVD I am doing the 30 days Shred now and have the Insanity one as well also Hip Hop Abs I am all into DVDS now that is the ones I can keep up with wile kids sleep or at night :)

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26-Apr-10 10:11 pm

I am curious!  I love the b/a pictures!  Good lord!!

We are doing p90x right now.  That is kicking my a$$ all over the place, lol.  I like variety though. 


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26-Apr-10 10:18 pm
I have it. Bum Bum and Cardio Axe are sorta like a zumba class. But I love the High and Tight and Tummy Tuck workouts! So worth it!


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7-Jun-12 1:31 am

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26-Mar-13 3:25 pm

Amazing this DVD  promises to give you that higher, tighter, rounder butt in just 60 days. I know Brazil is known for its beautiful bikini models  but these models work extremely hard for their looks.

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