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What is your 10 month old doing

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30-Mar-10 10:38 pm

 Peyton army crawls and rolls everywhere and can hold onto furniture and stand but not yet pulling up on her own. 

She has 6 teeth almost 8.

She naps longer stretches now and has 2 naps during the day each one 2 hours long.

As for sleeping through the night uhhhhh not hardly lol 

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14-Apr-10 9:17 am


My baby, Kyden Thomas will be 10 months on 29th April.

He can crawl, stand unsupported, walk around furniture, crawl up stairs.

He can drink from his bottle himself while sitting or standing.

He waves bye bye, shakes his head for 'No'

He says Mama and Dada and will have a conversation with you in baby language.

He understands what sleep means and if you say "Go to sleep" he lies down.

According to the health visitor he his very advanced and she said she thought he'd be walking by 9 months but not quite there yet.

Oh and he only has two teeth but his top ones wont be long Happy

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7-May-10 11:28 am

Mine is 10 months but will be 11 months in a little less than a week. He does not do a traditional crawl. He likes to army crawl. He does pull himself up on almost everything he can now. He shakes his head no, but I don't really think he knows what that means yet. He does say Mama, Dada, Ba ba and Nana, still not sure if he knows what those mean either. He can eat almost any table food. He has two bottom teeth, 3 top teeth and another top one about to poke through any time now. He went to the doctor this week for a sick visit and is 16lbs 6 oz. Hasn't gained anything in 2 months. Was dissappointed by that, as I was hoping he has at least reached 18lbs. Eats a ton, but must burn it off quickly.

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