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Green Zelda???

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30-Mar-10 9:10 am

How are you doing GZ...just wondering if you had your little girls yet.....hope you are doing well...:)



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30-Mar-10 9:37 am


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30-Mar-10 10:30 am
Can't wait for an update!!!!

My IVF/PGD FET princess!!

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30-Mar-10 10:53 am

I hope you are doing well! You are probably busy with babies...surely they are already here, right?? Wishing you the best!

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30-Mar-10 11:47 am

I was wondering too since I had not seen her for a few days?  I wonder if she is holding her little girls finally!

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30-Mar-10 3:42 pm

Cannot wait to hear your update, GZ! I love HT birth stories and pictures. Enjoy your twin beauties!


Wow, gsbabies, you are so close too! Good luck!

So many of you are close to their dream this spring, that's wonderful. I hope spring 2011 will be my time of announcing the birth of my little girl...

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1-Apr-10 3:07 pm

Thanks girls! 

Yes, the babies have arrived, and I've written a little blog update about it here.

Thanks for thinking of us... and for your support!!  :)


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1-Apr-10 3:16 pm

YEAH!  Congratulations...I love seeing these new high tech babies makes me think about when my time comes!  Enjoy them!

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Baby Girl 2010 - my IVF/PGD baby girl born on September 2!  Thank you Dr. Lin!

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1-Apr-10 3:31 pm

Big Congrats!!!Happy Smile

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1-Apr-10 3:44 pm


Taking an IG break

My best wishes to all TTC and congrats to all that get their babies

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1-Apr-10 4:06 pm

Congrats on your girlies!

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1-Apr-10 5:37 pm

Yeah!!  Congratulations to you all!

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1-Apr-10 6:31 pm


So happy for you!!!!

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1-Apr-10 6:40 pm

Congratulations GZ! That is so exciting!

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1-Apr-10 7:56 pm

Congrats!! And, holy moly 13 pounds of babies!!! You must be a superwoman! Mine were only 7 pounds each and that felt big enough! Job well done.


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