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MyMonsters4Us' baby is here!

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25-Mar-10 10:32 am

Baby Silvanus arrived at 8:05 this morning, weighing in at 8 pounds, 10 ounces and measuring 22 inches long!

Mama and baby are doing well, and I'm told the husband will be posting photos on Facebook in the next hour or two... Happy

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!  Happy Celebrate Hearts

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~for my 5 cuties~

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25-Mar-10 10:42 am

Wow girl. That's a pretty big boyBaby Bear Boy. My first was 8 lbs 8 ounces and he was biggest but he was a week late and the others were early so who knows what they would have been. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to all!Happy Celebrate I can't wait to see pics! I can't believe the time is here already! Good Job mama!

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25-Mar-10 10:42 am

 Yay!! How exciting!!! I just knew he would be a big boy!!!!!!!!  That is a great weight!!!!!!


me if you can!

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25-Mar-10 10:44 am

Yah congrats!  Welcome to the world baby Silvanus!

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My family is Complete!!!

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25-Mar-10 11:06 am



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25-Mar-10 11:44 am


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25-Mar-10 11:46 am

Aww Congrats to Mommy and Baby.. Such a great weight for his gestation! You cooked him well hun, well done.. xx

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Rebecca F.

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25-Mar-10 11:48 am

If that little boy is even a tenth as cute as his sister and mama... he will be GORGEOUS!!!  Congrats to the monster familyHappy  LOL!!!



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25-Mar-10 11:52 am


Hooray Kacey Happy Celebrate

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25-Mar-10 12:10 pm

Welcome to the world Silvanus!  Great job momma!!!


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25-Mar-10 12:15 pm

Wow! I shouldn't have known he would be a good size with the way her belly was showing! Congrats to the entire family. I hope she is doing well, and can't wait to see pictures.

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25-Mar-10 12:31 pm

So happy for you Kacey!!! Congrats!

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25-Mar-10 12:34 pm

What a great size! Congratulations on Silvanus!!! Baby Bear Boy

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25-Mar-10 12:35 pm

 CONGRATULATIONS KACEY!!! I am so happy for you! Just saw the pics on fb, and he is beautiful! Awesome job, mama!!

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25-Mar-10 12:37 pm

Congrats!! Welcome Silvanus!

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