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If you conceive within 10 months of the first baby's birth, you are very likely to get the second on

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17-Mar-10 5:31 am

This OWT is something very recent I heard... But when I checked a few cases, it was indeed true... Just wanted to check with your case. Those who conceived within the first 10 months of the first baby's birth, you r likely to get the same gender baby. Ws this true in your case?



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17-Mar-10 6:10 am

my 1st was a boy  then my 2nd was born 3 yrs later  another boy this time i got preg when 2nd son was 5 months old and yes another boy

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17-Mar-10 12:42 pm

I fell preg when my DS1 was 9 months and im having a girl

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17-Mar-10 8:24 pm

My 2 boys were conceived 4 years apart.

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17-Mar-10 10:08 pm

I haven't had babies that close in age, but DH and BIL are 11 months apart.  I have a friend who conceived a DS when her DD was 8 months old. 


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18-Mar-10 3:29 pm

Doh!True for me

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18-Mar-10 3:36 pm

my first boy three years later second is boy then I fell pregnant when ds2 was 10 months and bam third boy....

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18-Mar-10 3:52 pm

i fell pg with DS3 when DS2 was 9 months old and only about 15 months between DS1 & DS2 so maybe true in my case x


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18-Mar-10 5:12 pm

DHs sister is less than 11 months older than him so not true for them.

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18-Mar-10 5:32 pm

i was pregnant by the time my dd1 was 4 months and i did indeed have another little girl

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18-Mar-10 5:47 pm



i fell preganet when ds was 9months old and had a dd

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18-Mar-10 6:12 pm
I have not had an age gap that close, this little one I am baking at the moment was conceived when ds4 was 11 months old, that is the shortest gap, and I don't know what I am having yet! Maybe a girl, probably a boy, lol
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22-Mar-10 12:03 pm

I concieved my last 2 sons at 6 and 8 months after the lasts birth and had boys concieved 9.5 mo's after my 3rd son birth with my last and shes a girl so no its not always true!

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22-Mar-10 12:12 pm

DS #1 and #2 are 13 months apart.  I was 4 months pp when DS#2 was conceived.  DS #1 was the product of IUI#4...we did not know natural conception was a was.

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27-Mar-10 2:38 pm

True for me! My sons are 14 months apart, so DS #1 was 5 months old when I got pregnant again. Two boys!

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