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i cant choose a name!

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12-Mar-10 7:57 am

i have a list almost a mile long, and change my mind daily.  i'm sure i will have to wait until we see her to choose her name.  but at the top of my list THIS WEEK is

everly clare.

i want something pretty, feminine, different but not out there different.

anthony kiedis, red hot chili peppers singer, has a beautiful young son named everly.  when that baby was born i was like, wow...what a neat name.  i'm seriously considering it for my daughter.  opinions? 


among others on my list are:

Lucy Clare (lucy after DH's grandma, clare after mine)  i love this name and the significance behind it i'm just not sold enough on it.

Chloe Lucille  --mixed reviews from the peanut gallery called family on this one.  my mom said it's a dog's name.  and it's very popular, however it's my most favorite girl name.

Elise Clare --i love it but something about it doesnt catch me enough.  it sounds weak i think...i cant explain it.

Olivia Clare  --i love olivia but DH thinks of olivia the pig

Sophia  --a little too common but so pretty

Elle --i love this, it's simple and lovely

Mia --popular but such a pretty name

ooh, i just found 'everlyse' ...that is pretty too.

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12-Mar-10 9:34 am

 I personally like Every Clare Hearts.  I wouldn't go with any of the ones that you are still not sure about.  I think if you don't think they are "the perfect name" now, then you never will.  I also really like Elle Happy Smile

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12-Mar-10 5:00 pm

I'm a personal fan of Everly Hearts  Happy Smile  since my daughter's middle name is going to be Everleigh!  Happy Giggle  They're all cute names!  Happy

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16-Mar-10 6:41 pm

I'm not usually a fan of "different" names, but I actually like Everly Clare.  it's close enought to Beverly that most people will figure out how to spell ad pronounce it.

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