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UK Ladies....Pinktastic has been asked to go on 'The Big Questions' Live debate show with Nicky Camp

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10-Mar-10 7:46 am
Wow!!!! Congratulations for being asked. It's great that another show wants to talk about GD. It's a tricky one. On one hand I think you should definitely do it. You were marvellous on cutting edge and I think you will really be giving all us ladies with GD some much needed publicity to help others understand how we feel...... but on the other hand that show is quite harsh and because it's a debate you will have all sorts of comments and questions thrown at you - some of which I would imagine might not be ever so nice :( Maybe all us UK IG ladies can sit in the audience with you! Lol! If you think you can handle it, do it! You're like our spokeswoman now :)
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