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updates plz?!


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4-Mar-10 1:57 pm

We've had a rough two weeks.  Danica develped pretty severe jaundice.  She got up to 17.6 (20 they were worry about brain damage).  She was on the bili-blanket for a week here at home and I had to take her to the clinic (1 hour round trip) every day for labs to make sure it was going down.  About a week into that she started vomiting almost every other time she ate.  She had the hiccups constantly, was fussy after nursing, and had a dry cough.  Turns out she has reflux and is now on zantac twice a day and is doing much better. At her 2 week checkup we though she had lost 2lbs...a couple days later the clinic figured out it was just the scale.  She is now up to 8lbs 12.5 a pound and an ounce over birth weight at 3 weeks old.  She also developed a sinus infection of a result of the reflux...when she would throw up it would come out her nosing forcing bacteria into her sinuses...she's on antibiotics now and much more comfortable and less congested.  Even with all of this going on she is extremely happy and content...rarely fussy and sleeps very well.  She goes to bed at 10pm and wakes at 3am for 1 nursing a night and then sleeps til 7:30-8am. She is by far my easiest baby....almost sleeps better than Ds2 who still gets up at least once a night.

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