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2 lines on ultrasound

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1-Mar-10 7:15 pm
Do 2 lines on ultrasound mean "Girl"? Can you please post your confirmed ultrasound pics?

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1-Mar-10 7:32 pm

I've only heard of 3 or 5 lines possibly meaning girl, but that 3 lines can be a boy as well.  Basically, it's not a good idea to just go by the lines alone, you should look for the actual girl or boy parts.  I don't have a pic of it, but just had an u/s today and saw 5 clear lines, and the tech said that she is 100% girl.

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1-Mar-10 7:44 pm

This was my dd at 21 weeks with two obvious lines.  However, I agree with the pp - lines can also indicate a boy so it's best not to go on the lines alone.

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1-Mar-10 7:49 pm
My now 21 month old daughter 21 week scan
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2-Mar-10 8:26 am
we only saw 2 lines on my dd's 17 week u/s and she's sure enough a girl and when i went back a week later we saw 3.
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2-Mar-10 8:59 am
Thank you for the replies. So I dont have exact picture that the doc showed to me because they kept with them. But I saw 2 lines in there, the picture was very grey & white ( 2D ultrasound at 16 weeks ). Also the nurse told me that the placenta is in the center, does that mean anything? The only picture I have is the one attached.
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