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What double stroller for 4 and 2 year old -boys are almost same size ?


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26-Feb-10 10:22 am
I have 3 and 3 months year old and 18 months year old, on summer they will be around 2 and 4, for now older weights 33 lb and is about 40 inches long and younger weights 31 lb and is about 36 inches long (yeah, he is a big boy...). I wonder what stroller should I buy ? I was thinking about valco roundabout double stroller but I don't know .... It can be cheap can be little pricey but not over 500 $.And I am not sure if my older will ride in a stroller for long time. Maybe one of those sit and stand's ? I would like it to bee good to use for my 4 and 2 years old and also for my 2 and newborn combo (when we go close like to the park etc my older can walk ,for bigger trips we will take one for boys and one stroller for baby).
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26-Feb-10 10:48 am

I don't know, when my boys were 2 & 4 they would not go in a double stroller.  Based on them, I wouldn't recommend buying a double stroller for 2 kids of that age.  That meant that when I had a newborn, 2, and 4 year old- I hardly left the house!  My middle child stopped using a stroller fairly early because of his brother.  If his brother wasn't in a stroller, there was no way he would sit in one.  He wanted to do what his brother did.

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26-Feb-10 10:52 am
yeah, not sure about putting a 3 year old in a stroller, maybe a sit and stand like the joovy, my kid would not be caught in a stroller by the age of 3 for sure, but for long walks he doesn't mind the " skateboard" option!
I wouldn't recommend buying a double stroller for 2 kids of that age

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26-Feb-10 11:01 am

I have a 5yr old and a 21 month old and we love our Joovy sitnstand.  Our 5yr old stands in it when legs get tired or sits in it to have a snack etc.


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26-Feb-10 12:01 pm
My son is 4 and the only time he has ridden in a stroller in the past year is when we went to Disneyland. Is it worth it to spend that much money on a stroller with a child that age?

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26-Feb-10 12:07 pm

I am currently drooling over a baby citi mini double jogger. We rented one in Disney World last year and even my 6 yr old at the time fit in there nicely.

With my youngest and the baby only being right at 2 yrs apart I might splurge.

 We have a joovy sit and stand. Honestly, I have never been to thrilled with it, it does great but it is heavy to push and turn especially once you wheel around one of the nicer strollers. Plus there is not a lot of comfort for a baby to go in there.

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26-Feb-10 12:53 pm
Yeah but my older likes to ride in stroller, I have one single stroller and now I need one double, I had one double stroller kolorcraft (or STH like that) but it become too small. (sit and stand- my 2 year old probably couldn't sit on the back while baby is on the front so I am not so sure about it ). As of both of my boys walking and me pushing baby in stroller -that is out of question.My younger is to much of the spirit child. And I have to go out et least 3 times a week to the park because I want my kids to interact with other kids as they don't go to preschool. I also need double stroller when I take 2 of kids (boys ore one boy and baby) the the store or mall - my 4 year old walking in the mall is not an option also. This is what I need -stroller that my two boys will fit in and one of the boys/baby will fit in.
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27-Feb-10 6:31 am
Joovy Caboose. It is a sit and stand stroller. It is super easy to steer and is pretty sturdy compared to other Sit and Stands.


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7-Apr-10 2:40 pm

I'd get the sit n stand, then your middle and youngest will be able to use it later, too.

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10-Dec-12 5:53 am
Double strollers are best suited if you having twins and want to travel with them. There are so many varities are available in double strollers in market as well as you can buy it from online stores which is the cheapest way of shopping.


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