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any day now...induction now on 2nd March

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24-Feb-10 10:57 am

my waters broke yesterday, now im on antibiotics until i give birth, hopefully theyre going to give me an induction day on 5th march but will find out for deffo on friday...tomorrow im 36 weeks....xx

just a quick update....



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24-Feb-10 11:00 am

WOW!  Anytime!!!!! Hearts Good Luck CloverGood Luck CloverGood Luck Clover

Do you not live in the US?  Or is it because you have a midwife that they let you go that long? (just curious, sorry)

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24-Feb-10 11:13 am

CONGRATS! It won't be long now, I can't wait to hear that you've had your little girl and to see pictures, I bet she's gorgeous! <3 It sucks playing the waiting game with your water broken, but it'll be over before you know it. Are they keeping you in the hospital or do you get to wait at home? Just wondering, I know the UK is much different than us when it comes to pg hospital stuff.

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24-Feb-10 11:14 am

 Hope everything goes smoothly for you, you never know, now your waters have broke you may not need an induction and your labour may just start progressing from now on, are you in hospital then on IV antibiotics?

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24-Feb-10 11:16 am

Wow Tam Surprise

Good luck she will be here in no time. Please keep us posted Hearts

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24-Feb-10 11:29 am
Omy! I thought you had to deliver with in 24 hours of the water breaking!? Hope you deliver fast!!! Best of luck!   

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24-Feb-10 11:34 am

no im on oral liquid antibiotics EnvyYuck

they wanted to keep me in till tomorrow morning but only just incase i went into labour....but as i only had 3 hours sleep last night ...i discharged myself..i only 10 min away from if i go into labour i go straight back....they was going to let me out in the morning anyway.....

i just have to keep checking my temp, if it goes up i have to go in

...keep an eye on the water im losing...still losing.....if it changes colour i have to go back in.....

keep an eye on her movements.....if decrease i have to go back in, they feel really strange now with no water surronding her.....

i have to go back tomorrow anyway for a scan on the placenta....

i have to see consultant on friday which is when she should give me an induction day...they said they wait till 37 weeks....unless i get an infection, or go naturally into labour myself.....

so next thursday im 37 weeks so im hoping friday 5th march they will book me in but we shall have to wait and see what the next week bring.....

im ever so painful down there...and losing water evry time i move feels horrible xx



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24-Feb-10 12:31 pm


OMG!!! I would be really nervous. I hope everything goes fine and you and your baby meet really soon. Good Luck!!!!  Pray

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24-Feb-10 2:13 pm

 I feel ya hun, I had to go with my water broken for a week, I didn't realize that you keep losing water for the entire duration, everytime you move or change positions more comes out, you soak everything you wear, you're highly uncomfortable, and after a few days of it, the inside of your uterus becomes a bit soar from being rubbed raw by the baby. It's no fun at all, but when your baby gets here, it'll all be a distant memory. Hang in there, at least you know your baby will be OK even if she deicides to come tonight, you're far enough along that there shouldn't be any complications and you should be able to take her home with you no problem. Try to get as much sleep as you can until then!

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24-Feb-10 2:19 pm

Oh wow! Losing water for hours let alone days, just sucks! My baby's head blocked the opening, so every once in a while I would get a good gush. It's awful feeling! I hope everything goes well for you though. My cousin had her baby at 36 weeks, and everything was perfect. He was 5lb13oz, and had no problems at all. They put her on pitocin 24 hours after her water broke.

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24-Feb-10 3:18 pm

Thinking of you, hope all goes well. Your little girl will be here soon, bet you can't wait to meet her.

All the best!!!


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24-Feb-10 6:08 pm

 WOW! Have they had time to give you the steroids to help her lung development? Will you still get to try for a homebirth? In any case, wishing you lots of luck and a smooth L&D w/a healthy baby girl!

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24-Feb-10 9:24 pm

wishing you lots of luck!! Can't wait to see your baby girl!!


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24-Feb-10 9:28 pm

 OMG Tam, I am sooo excited for you I cannot wait until she is here!!!! Good luck honey and hope she makes her grant entrance soon Love Ya!

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24-Feb-10 9:38 pm

Any day now.  Can't wait to see pictures.

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