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Is this boy too at 17 weeks?? potty shot

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20-Feb-10 9:07 am

I just keep on thinkin maybe girl!!! Maybe its just swollen! Is there any hope?? I go back next Wednesday I will be exactly 18 weeks 6 days!! Should know a definate then..I hope!! HELP ;)

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20-Feb-10 9:31 am

Boy I think I see scrotom

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20-Feb-10 9:32 am

Clear penis and scrotum Baby Bear Boy


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20-Feb-10 9:48 am

Agree ITA!


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20-Feb-10 9:50 am

Looks like a definate boy to me, congrats!Baby Bear Boy

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20-Feb-10 10:08 am

Clear penis and scrotum, hon.  I've always wished there was a mistake on my boys but it was the other way around with two of them (told girl but were really boys).  Sorry you didn't hear girl.


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20-Feb-10 10:43 am

 Baby Bear Boy

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20-Feb-10 12:00 pm

 Baby Bear Boy

Baby BoyBaby BoyBaby Boy


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20-Feb-10 12:01 pm

Baby Boy

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20-Feb-10 12:35 pm

All boy

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