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19-Feb-10 8:22 am

We now have an Extreme Gender Disappointment area.

Note: We are waiting to grant access to new users until they have at least 30 posts. Due to recent negative elements, we want to ensure the privacy and safety of the EGD board. We hope the 30 posts will help us to get to know you and sniff out trolls and journalists...

Thanks for your understanding!


It is NOT OK for anyone to suddenly start being rude, inappropriate, and outright mean to anyone who expresses EGD in the GD forum. The rules are STILL THE SAME. If you come across a thread or post you feel needs to be moved, feel free to click on "report" so that FL's can take a look at it and take care of it appropriately. Post to let them know there is an EGD forum to post in. Please do not bash anyone for their feelings. C'mon, Ladies... please keep this place safe and welcoming. Please.



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27-Feb-14 10:20 pm
I don't have 30 posts. I'm a mother of twin 3 year olds so accumulating that many would actually be quite the challenge! But I am experiencing EGD and I would really like to be a part of this forum. I feel so unable to openly share my thoughts/ feelings with my family and friends right now and I'm getting depressed :-(

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6-Mar-14 1:02 pm

I don't have 30 posts either. I am just looking for information or other people going though the same thing as me. Pregnant with my second child, probably my last, as I am 37 and really only wanted two kids. Found out it is a boy, was very much hoping for a girl. I feel like I have lost all excitement for the pregnancy and can't share my feelings with anyone else because everyone's reaction seems to be that I am horrible for not just being happy to have a healthy baby. Would like the feelings of disappointment to just go away, but it doesn't seem to be happening...

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