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Checking in!

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6-Feb-10 9:55 pm
Wow, I haven't been on here in forever (glad I'm not the only one!). I'm on FB more, so if you are too that's a good way to keep up with me (but no one IRL knows we did IVF, so please be discrete). We're doing pretty well. I'm feeling pretty good now. My biggest issue is my belly. I'm sure you all remember how big I got! I still very much look pregnant. Maybe because I was so big from the twins, maybe my diastasis recti, maybe because my 3rd pg. Not sure. But I'm uncomfortable going out in public without the girls (when they're with me people figure it out, lol). I've lost all but 5 lbs of the baby weight, so it's not that. But I was a bit too heavy going in to it, so I've started WW online (since it worked after DS2) this week. Hopefully it helps a bit (no exercise yet - probably not until we get some part-time help). But I'll definitely need surgery. Okay, enough of my whining :p I love spending my days with my ladies. And I'm a little sad that there's only about 5-6 weeks before I go back to work. They are absolutely angelic. They sleep through he night and are quite happy most of the time. And I love this age because they are so cuddly. They are gaining weight well, and have strong little necks like Noella :) They are different looking as night and day (to me at least) - I'm sooooooo curious to see what they'll look like. They do keep me quite busy. I have to do lots of things twice, and almost everything takes 2 hands (or more!). I've gotten a lot more comfortable taking them out though - we've even gone to a playdate! My hard days are when I have all 4 kids by myself - I feel like I'm just trying to keep us all fed and alive ;) My boys are doing pretty well. DS1 was a little jealous at first, but I think he understands more now. DH's hand is on the mend now (not that he's that helpful anyway), but I still feel like I do everything anyway. I miss you all and think about you lots even though I'm not on much. Glad to hear from everyone. :) oh4agirl - I thunk it's just because you're always around and they're less so - so more of a novelty. Hugs to everyone!

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