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2-Feb-10 6:45 pm
This morning i was going to go and get my IUD put in I know i should have done it sooner but they like to wait till you have your first period post partum which i got in december and when i made the appointment they were booked until today and i was also suppose to start my period today and when i woke up this morning my period did not come and i am always regular and on time so i went to the store and bought a home test to be sure and it came up positive but tyhen i read that if you are athletic it could cause you to have a false positive and i run everyday so i called my doctor and the test i took there was positive so she ordered a blood test cause she thought that it was kinda odd i don't feel pregnant and i would know if i was and i have all the symptoms i get right before my period OMG i don't know what to do if i am i am just barely 4 months post partum and dont know what i am going to do anyone else in the october forum prego again? i don't want to be the only one any advice?
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2-Feb-10 6:48 pm

 Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!

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2-Feb-10 8:38 pm

I am a tennis player and was highly active during younger years, and I am pretty positive that being an athlete or excercise cannot cause that hormone to come up, but some cysts or other things can release it in small amounts. GL!

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2-Feb-10 8:45 pm

 I thinkYou're probably pg!!! I have 2 that are 12 months apart, and it's actually pretty cool. good luck!

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2-Feb-10 9:04 pm

Congrats , you will do great!!!!! 

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3-Feb-10 7:21 am

Oh my, thats a hard one. I am also suppose to get an IUD put in but havent been able to afford my part of the cost yet... I also have a bit of baby fever already though sometimes. It'll work out just fine and if you are, it was obviously meant to be! GL & I'm sorry if the news upset you now, but you'll do great!

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3-Feb-10 7:34 am

It happened to me too, DS1 was only 4 and half months old when I found out I was pg and I was BF only! There is a year and 3 weeks between DS1 and DS2, it's hard work to begin with but they are the best of friends.


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4-Feb-10 10:21 am


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7-Feb-10 12:54 am

Good Luck hun!  My baby was born on October 11th and she had the same Halloween costume as your little girl.  Take a deep breath, you will be ok!

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7-Feb-10 1:10 am

Good Luck and keep us updated.

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7-Feb-10 1:53 am

 Hugs to you sweetyLove Ya!.....I guess it just goes to show you that this baby was meant to beHappy

Congrats and Wishing you all the bestHearts

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10-Feb-10 2:16 am

Well don't cry it'll be ok... I've been trying to build up the courage to go get a test myself... but its very likely  that  your running had somethign to do with your positive. GL.

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12-Feb-10 6:13 pm

It will be okay. A lot of ladies have children a year apart and they love it. Good Luck and let us know what happens!


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12-Feb-10 6:19 pm


 Oh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!

ditto that! Just so you know though ds2 was 4 months hen I got pg with with ds3. It sure wasn't easy at all but it's not the end of the world either. I hope you start to feel better about it once the shock wears off. Things happen for a reason, this one could be your lil boy, if that's what you want, If the docs test came back positive too, I would think you are so congrats??? On the pregnancy. You could tell dh for Valentines day, that may help you feel better about it or does he know?

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16-Feb-10 7:01 am

I am popping in from the Dec. Mommy group. I have been there too. I have 14mo between my first two and 13 mo. between my third and fourth. I found it easier the second time around b/c they were better sleepers. I let my first sleep with me too much and Dh would have to lay by her crib and hold her hand until she fell asleep. So get that worked out and nap time!

 I like that mine are close-they play pretty well together. I know you must be in shock right now. Hopefully Dh will be helpful.

I found a double stroller to be a big help when going out and about. of course you probably know that already. GL and best wishes.

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