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Headaches and Gender

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2-Feb-10 12:44 pm

Hi Ladies! I posted this question on the girl forum, but have received no replies, I think the better place would be here!!!!

Q - Does/has anyone suffer/ed headaches coming on around between 11/12 weeks to 15 weeks or so? What gender did you have/are you hoping for? 

For me this is a boy symptom. I was hoping for a girl this time again, but my headaches are telling me otherwise!

Thanks very much x



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2-Feb-10 12:47 pm

I have heard the headache problem ending up with both genders. I get headaches every once in a while but not persistant. I don't remember with my boys if I had them a lot or not. I know my sister had them bad and got shots to help and she had a boy but my cousin had them bad too and she had a girl. Sorry I'm not much help. Maybe some other people will weigh in too. GL and hope your head gets better. Happy Smile


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2-Feb-10 1:05 pm

I had headaches at the start of my pregnancy and im expecting a boy.

I cant remember having them when i was pg with my girls but i hope you get your girl in this pregnancy Flower

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2-Feb-10 1:10 pm

same wiht me...I had headaches starting in my pg..I am expecting a boy too.....I did not have them wiht DD....Although I usually have Migraine headaches but wiht DD I did not have even one......this one I had 1 severe migraine headache wiht smaller headaches in between.....

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2-Feb-10 2:17 pm
I don't know the gender of this baby yet but I have been getting headaches a lot with this pregnancy. Didn't get any with DD1 or DD2.
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2-Feb-10 3:36 pm

Thanks for your replies ladies. I guess I knew the anwer! I am pretty sure then its a boy for me! Am hoping for a nub shot on Thursday, so that should confirm things! Thanks again.


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2-Feb-10 4:07 pm


Thanks for your replies ladies. I guess I knew the anwer! I am pretty sure then its a boy for me! Am hoping for a nub shot on Thursday, so that should confirm things! Thanks again.

I wouldn't give up hope yet!  I had them worse with my girls than I did with my boy. 


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3-Feb-10 2:25 am

Don't count yourself out... I had headaches with all 3 of my girls til i was about 15 weeks

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3-Feb-10 4:09 am

PLzBeABoi and MinnieMouse - thanks so much for that! Its so nice to hear of someone with these headaches and had a girl! Its because I had them before I am thinking boy, although they were intense at 13-15 weeks, these came on just after 11 weeks and so far not too bad. I am hoping this slight difference means something. Who knows!? 13 week scan tomo, hopefully nub shot should give me some peace!!!! Thanks again everyone x


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6-Feb-10 9:00 am

I have had the most horrible migraine headaches this pregnancy and I am having a boy.  I did have really bad headaches with my 3 girl pregnancies, but these seems worse.  Now I am about 14 weeks, hoping they will ease up soon.  Any suggestions on headache relief?????

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6-Feb-10 3:33 pm
This is exciting to hear, as I won't find out my baby's gender til tomorrow, but I have had headaches with this pregnancy and don't remember getting them as much (or at all) with both my dds. Maybe this means boy? I hope so & will let you know!

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6-Feb-10 3:38 pm
Goodluck alkalyza....I have one of each and headaches is a boy sign for me.....hope you get your boy! Please update after your u/s! GL!Good Luck CloverHappy
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8-Feb-10 12:59 am
I think the headache symptoms were an indication for me, as I didn't get them with dd 1 & 2, but I have been getting them with this pregnancy, and just found it's a boy! Thanks so much Bluebooties, it gave me hope before I opened the envelope:)

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8-Feb-10 1:06 am

 I've had headaches with both boy pregnancies and none with my girls

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12-Jun-10 4:26 pm

I've had excruciating headaches with this pregnancy and I'm having a girl. Never had them with DD1.


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