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My toliet REEKS!

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1-Feb-10 11:16 am

 How in the world do you ladies keep your toliet clean?  I clean it every single day, and it still reeks.

I have tried every cleaner out there.  I cannot get rid of the smell.

What do you guys do?  Help!

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1-Feb-10 9:18 pm

What about those bleach tablets you put in the tank?

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4-Feb-10 7:21 pm

I use bleach. IDK but I'm always cleaning mine too...Doh!

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4-Feb-10 7:41 pm

Doh!mine too DH just got yelled at to bleach it..........again.He will do it too bc last time I gave myself chemical pneumonia doing it...

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4-Feb-10 8:01 pm

I gave my oldest a thing of clorox wipes - any mess that appears while using, he has to wipe up.  It's great!

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10-Feb-10 5:20 pm

cleaning with mean green cleaner and a toliet bowl cleaner...clean the whole toliet...and around the outside on the floor by toliet too.

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10-Feb-10 9:22 pm

the hinges catch a lot of pee--make sure you are taking the plastic caps off and scrubbing them at least once a week.

My current plan of action is bleaching the floor and lower bowl at least once a week. Half way through the week, I use a Mr.Clean with Febreeze, and spray down the bowl and the floor again. I will often spray the wall beside the toilet as well with this. And the inside of the lid, and the "ring".

I use Toilet duck once a week. And then put a gob of the Scrubbing bubbles stuff under the rim. That really helps deodorize!

Hope that helps.

PS-I am going to repaint the loo this summer to a really really high quality scrubbable paint for kitchen bath or whatever is guaranteed to non-stain. I hate smelling like a public washroom!

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11-Feb-10 6:46 am

From my experience, older toiets will have a build up way under the rim where you can't or barely see unless you really get in there. If this is your problem, maybe with those bleach tablets that sit in the back tank, you know when you have to lift the heavy lid, it will help get rid of it. You need to add more over time b/c they do dissolve, keep an eye on them. This is only if this is what you have, of course.

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11-Feb-10 6:55 am

 Have you checked it is flushing out properly, we had this problem at our last rental house the toilet flushed the big things down (yuck) but didn't actually flush out. My dad suggested putting food colouring in after I did a TMI and sure enough there was red at the bottom of the bowl. Also the covering shinny stuff chipping off can hold smells. Yuck that toilet was foul I hated having friends use it they probley thought I never cleaned it. 

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11-Feb-10 7:22 am

A few things:

Toilet tabs with bleach. I drop a new one in once a month even if the other one hasn't completely dissolved.

I wipe it down with bleach and water every day.

I steam shark the bathroom once a week.

I make DH and DS drink lots of water. Lots.

I ask DH and DS to only use one toilet in the house so that I don't have to do all that cleaning with all 3 toilets every day/week.


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11-Feb-10 9:48 am

 thank you for all your suggestions! There are a couple things I haven't tried... so I'll give those a try!


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12-Feb-10 6:06 am

I could have written this post LOL my toilet always stinks I have to clean it everyday but it proberly needs cleaning twice a day

use Bleach and those toilet ducks and actual dettol around the actual toilet

problem is even though we have two bathrooms 1 downstairs and 1 upstairs they all choose to wee together and dont look where they are aiming haha drives me nuts at times


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30-Mar-12 9:36 pm
Spray with straight white vinegar!!! The tiles, grout and toilet!!! Let it sit a while before wiping away with wet ones, seems to work!
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