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How do I find out what the code words mean please - newbie!

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20-Sep-07 7:19 am


I have really enjoyed reading through the posts - I am hoping to try for a girl soon after having

2 boys!

when i am reading the posts - is there a guide to what the "codes" mean please TTC etc - i think i may

be being a bit thick!??  I am from the UK and some of the terms maybe different to ours


please help!



Baby Boy

Baby Boy

Baby Boy 

hoping and Praying for a Baby Girl one day to complete our family 


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20-Sep-07 7:22 am

You're not thick..there's so much info on these boards that it gets confusing for all of us sometimes, Here's a link to the abbreviations we use:

Good luck ttc (trying to conceive) your dd (dear daughter)!


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