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I love you all!

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17-Jan-10 4:15 pm

A while back I decided that I needed a break from IG because of my own personal problems...that was several, several months ago...and then we got our internet turned off because the bill kept creeping up and up.  My husband got us new phones for Christmas with internet.  I was so excited that I could now come back to IG and my lovely ladies!...only for some reason the "log in" button doesn't work for me to log in with my cell phone.  I am using my mom's computer but I am not able to visit her often because it's such a long drive.  I just wanted to come here and say the I love my IG family and haven't forgotten about you all!  I don't know when I will be able to log back in but do know that I lurk when I can but I just cannot access the full site.  I love you all so much!Hearts


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17-Jan-10 4:36 pm

I hope that you can log in soon and catch up!  Love to you too!

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18-Jan-10 12:12 pm

 Nice to hear from you!

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18-Jan-10 12:16 pm

I missed you!  Hearts

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12-Feb-10 10:55 am
OMG!!! I am officially on IG with my dh's new phone!!! I will only be able to get on in the evening hours. It's taking me forever to get used to this keyboard too lol.


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13-Feb-10 5:42 pm

You can download an application for free called OperaMini, and then you just use that as your browser.  Then, you should be able to log in.  I had that issue when I first got my Blackberry, and someone here told me to do the OperaMini download.  It worked for me, even though it takes a little longer than the regular internet on a computer.

Glad you are back!!!!

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