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asis4BCA's (crazy) birth story (long)

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15-Jan-10 10:28 am

So, Sunday (1/10) started out as any normal Sunday.  DS1 & 2 and I went to mass and then came home.  I made them some lunch and wanted to mop the kitchen with my new steam mop.  Around 1 pm I mopped the floor and when I was done I felt like I needed to go to the BR (TMI, I know).  The craziest thing happened in the BR, after trying to process the gush I had just felt, I came out and told DH that I thought my water had just broken.  I couldn't tell for sure, so I called my mom, who was about an hour away, to give her the heads up, then I called the dr.  They told me to call the hospital.  The nurse at the hospital told me if I was leaking to come to the hospital to get checked out.  This was about 2:15.  Nothing was really happening, so I was trying to decide if maybe it was something else I felt.  So, I called my mom back, and she said she'd come anyway since she was coming the next afternoon since I was scheduled to be induced Tuesday morning. 

After about 20 minutes I had a contraction and felt like I was leaking, so I kinda figured it was my water.  It wasn't a very painful contraction, so I figured I had a few hours at least.  I talked to my sister at 3:00 and told her my mom was on the way b/c my water had broken, and then all heck broke loose.  The contractions really started coming and anyone who had said they could watch the boys was out of town and we could get a hold of any neighbors.  I called my elderly grandmother whose house is on the way to the hospital to see if we could throw the boys out of the car.  She said that was fine.  So, I told DH we'd drop them off there.  He still wanted to wait for my mom to get to our house; he thought I was exaggerating.  Finally at about 3:30, I said, "we are leaving now."  Some how he made it all about him and how frustrated he was that I didn't "plan better."  LOL, don't you just love men????

I can remember each contraction as we drove to my Granny's: 3:43, 3:47, 3:53, we got to Granny's about 4:00, threw the kids out of the car, and rushed off to the hospital.  At this point I started screaming.  I didn't want to freak out my older 2 in the car, but once they were gone, I let it all out.  With each contraction I was sitting in more and more fluid, and the pain got worse and worse.  We got to the hospital at 4:15, the girl in admitting was on her cell phone and DH is saying, "She's in a lot of pain and her water broke, can we go up?"  It was almost funny.  So, we rushed up to L&D.  At this point all I want is to get naked and get my epidural.  They had to get an IV in me first.  The nurse checks and says, "You are at a 9."  I almost died.  The dr came in and checked, he said an 8.  They tried my left hand and couldn't get the IV.  Then they tried the right arm, no luck.  Finally the anethsiologist comes in and gets it in my left arm.  Right when she was finished I screamed, "She's right there; I need to push!"  The dr gave me some topical numbing (OUCH!) and then I started pushing.  She was out in less than 5 minutes.

DH and I stood there in complete shock.  We got to the hospital at 4:15 and she was born at 4:44.  She was 7 lbs, 11 oz and 19 inches.  All of my other labors were at least 12 hours, so when we called to let everyone know that she was already here, they couldn't believe it. 

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15-Jan-10 10:37 am
That is crazy! What a great story. I am so happy it went so fast for you. I loved the "throw the kids out of the car" part. Congrats, she is beautiful. Hope you are doing well

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15-Jan-10 10:43 am

OMG what a crazy day you had. But I am glad you and baby are fine. SHE is so Beautiful and I love her beautiful curly hair.

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15-Jan-10 11:24 am

Wow!!!!  Congrats on your beautiful daughter!!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

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15-Jan-10 11:30 am

So glad it went fast! I too had a fast delivery and the recovery is sooooo much easier. Congrats and she is gorgeous!

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15-Jan-10 11:48 am

Sounds like your little one was in a hurry to come into this world... Happy Celebrate CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! Happy Celebrate

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15-Jan-10 3:27 pm

Wow ..

Congrats on your little girl

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18-Jan-10 9:43 am

Congrats on the beautiful little girl! She is adorableHearts

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18-Jan-10 9:52 am

 What a whirlwind delivery, and a BEAUTIFUL daughter :)  I love the little bow in her hair. 


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18-Jan-10 4:24 pm

My fav part was, "I just wanted to get naked and get my epidural!" hahahahaha. Thats insane that your labor was that quick! Were you dilated much the past few weeks before? Men can be really stupid sometimes. Like you could have planned it! Glad all it well, shes beautiful! what do the boys think?!

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18-Jan-10 4:30 pm


She's beautiful! What a story!

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18-Jan-10 4:37 pm
Congrats! She's beautiful x
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18-Jan-10 4:42 pm

CONGRATS FAB story, beautiful little princess :)


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18-Jan-10 9:07 pm


My fav part was, "I just wanted to get naked and get my epidural!" hahahahaha. Thats insane that your labor was that quick! Were you dilated much the past few weeks before? Men can be really stupid sometimes. Like you could have planned it! Glad all it well, shes beautiful! what do the boys think?!

I had been 3 cm since New Year's Eve and before then 1-2 for a couple weeks.  All 3 of my boys were at least 12 hour labors and several hours after my water was broken for me, so there was no scenario that I could have planned for that.  The 2 older boys love to watch her and check on her for me, the baby (17 months) has no clue and just wants's been a challenge.

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28-Jan-10 12:59 pm

Just want to say, I love that hair! Congrats!

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