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Baby bottle?

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13-Jan-10 3:53 am

Can anyone reccomend a good baby bottle?


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13-Jan-10 4:11 am

tommee tippee "closer to nature"

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13-Jan-10 2:10 pm

I love the Dr Brown bottles.

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13-Jan-10 2:12 pm

Good question - I bought Dr. Brown & Avent but I am also wondering.


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13-Jan-10 2:15 pm

I love the Dr Brown bottles.

I can't tell you how FANTASTIC these are!!!  SERIOUSLY!!!!


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13-Jan-10 10:53 pm

Great! Thanks girls ... I think I am going to buy Dr brown then, I have Avent, they're okay, but I noticed they leak ..

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14-Jan-10 9:32 pm

 I've never tried them but a million people have told me about the Dr. Brown's! Everyone seems to love them. We have Birth to Three working with Avery now because she has oral issues and can't suck well, and they even said Dr. Brown's.



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14-Jan-10 9:47 pm

Definitely Dr. Browns!


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15-Jan-10 12:42 am

Oh wow! I'm going to get some soon ..

Thanks everyoneHeart

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20-Jan-10 12:28 pm

I have Dr. Brown's, but can't stand all the parts. I got First Years Breastflow bottles for the first 6 months, then moved onto Avent. You just have to make sure the lid is on straight, and they won't leak.

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20-Jan-10 12:45 pm
I had all kinds of bottles in last 3 years and gotta tell you, Dr.Browns are really good,I like the wide neck better than regulars tho.With first son I used playtex vent air but since they changed design and parts of the bottles I hate them. And because of all of the parts in Brownes I would recommend to buy those for the first 3-4 months and than switch to other brand, this time around I will buy 4 Browns 4 oz (or 2x4oz and 3x8oz haven't decided yet), and the gift set of tippee ones(they have grate reviews).
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27-Mar-10 8:13 am

With dd we used the nuk nipples and they were GREAT.  She hardly ever had gas and the nipples are shaped like the real it's easy to go back and forth from mommy to bottle...This time around I ordered this set which comes with different size bottles....



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27-Mar-10 8:15 am
I like Avent:)   

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7-Apr-10 10:47 am

 I love my avent. They leak sometimes if you don't screw the lid on tight or if you mis thread the ring thing.  I like them because of the big opening. If I have to make formula in the bottle (usually make it in bulk and keep it ready) the scoop isn't hard to aim in the big mouth of the bottle. 

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7-Apr-10 11:07 am

Yeah, my first two dc I used Avent. My last dc, I started to use Avent again but the leaking seemed worse with those bottles; so I have used "Soothie" bottles, the  same company that makes the soothie pacifiers. I actually like them(definitely no leaking) and cheaper.

Now my sister,with her only child, she used the Dr. Brown's and swears by them. Just have extra parts to clean and put together; but very good bottles.

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