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so...I did try a b/f this morning


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11-Jan-10 12:52 pm


[quote user="oh4agirl"]

[quote user="Mom2RJA:

Do you feel your  milk let down?[/quote]

I don't really know what it's supposed to feel like? 

[/quote] Some women feel a tingling or almost burning sensation when their milk lets down. It makes it easy to tell when it is happening. But some women do not feel this at all, so don't worry if you don't. I never felt it with my boys at all. This time I felt it for a brief time when she was about a month old, but then it stopped happening. I did a survey about it a while back in the forum.

 Mine feels like a charlie horse or cramping in my bbs..its actually painful to an extent.

Also wanted to may be doing more harm than good by "topping her off" if she falls asleep nursing let her sleep..when she wakes up she will be hungry and it will prompt her to more willingly nurse from the breast.  Eating from the bottle is significantly less work for her so of course if you let her she's going to continue to be "lazy at the breast"...

Just because she drank from the bottle doesn't necessarily mean she needed it..she wasn't showing signs of still being hungry.  I would wait for her to show signs of hunger again next time and then offer the breast or the other side before offering a long as she's having enough wet and poopy diapers she is probably getting enough. If your breast feels lighter and softer she likely got what she needed/wanted...if you're concerned about you supply pump whats left and store it in the fridge. But I would only supplement (top her off) if she has decreased wet/poopy diapers or still shows signs of hunger after nursing from both breasts.

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