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Weight Loss Challenge???....Sign up so I may add your name.....Added a great website to help w/ Calories

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13-Jan-10 8:37 am
I'll be cheering you guys on but not participating. My goals are a bit more about what I look like than weight (since I've already lost 40 of the 45 lbs I put on - no one shoot me - feeding 2 is serious calorie burn), although my pre-pregnancy weight was a bit higher than I like it, so I certainly can stand to lose a few. I can't bring myself to post before pics. I don't even want to see them myself. I carried all in front with both of my boys, and well, you saw what I looked like this time with the twins. My belly still looks pg. And experience tells me that it probably will stay that way to some extent, esp since I have diastasis recti. And sooooooo much extra skin/"apron" now. Ugh. My only hope now is surgery, hopefully in about a year (budget permitting). (and probably some inch loss body wraps in the interim) Also mostly pumping, so keeping up supply is already a challenge. Okay, those are all my excuses! ;p Good luck to everyone - I'll be cheering you on!

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