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Getting comfy when feeding...


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3-Jan-10 11:34 pm


I had terrible neck and shoulder pain when my boys were little, and I think a lot of it was caused by being sort of hunched over while nursing them, combined with carrying them around all the time.

I figured out I was hunching myself over and pulling my breast to baby instead of bringing baby to me...also I think it has to do with having to support a newborn so much with their weak neck muscles and them being so always seems to get better as they get bigger/stronger.  My fave place to nurse was big fluffy rocked and reclined and it had big puffy arm rests...I'd put a big pillow under my arm/under baby for support...can't tell you how many times I woke up in the chair in the morning with baby sleeping on the pillow and my boob hanging out for all who woke up first to see, lol!

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