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Collaboratos listed on GIVF site

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29-Dec-09 8:13 pm

There is a collaborator local to me.  Who has used collaborars for PGD/IVF after having MS done?  I am thinking it would be easier travel and expense wise to use a local collaborator.  I am in the mid US so traveling to either HRC or GIVF would require airfare.

I am just wondering if the majority just goes to GIVF or HRC or how many have successfully used a collaborator instead.


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29-Dec-09 9:43 pm

I used a local collaborator in WA state for my December 2009 cycle and have a BFP!


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30-Dec-09 11:19 am

 I used a local collaborator. 

 To do so, you will be using frozen MS.  Do a search on Frozen MS sperm and you will get lots of info and advice.  

Good luck.  

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30-Dec-09 11:26 am

 I was wondering the same thing. I was planning on going to HRC in CA.  I even have all my meds, but then remembered the local collab.  in PA.  I live in Ohio, so the stress of flying to CA and staying for 10-12 days is overwhelming.  I am waiting to see how much the local collab. charges for IVF and PGD.  Any advice??  Do you think freezing the sperm is hard on it?

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30-Dec-09 11:49 am

I used a local collaborator in NY and got a BFP with twins from a FET . I used frozen sperm on a few of my cycles and had just as good of a result as with fresh sperm.   

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30-Dec-09 7:12 pm

Thanks for the responses ladies!

  I am lucky that a collaborator is just about 15 minutes away from me.  When I told my OB that I am considering Microsort she said she thinks our local fertility institute doest that.  I explained about MS only being at 2 clinics but she said I should look into it.  I think she just meant that the local place does PGD/IVF, which they do and then I saw that one of the doctors is a collaborator.

I have 2 young boys so I think it would be easiest to do this locally, besides the MS.  My youngest is 3 months old and I am breastfeeding.  As soon as he weans we are getting this all set up.

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30-Dec-09 7:17 pm

For some reason when I clicked the collaborator link it sent me to an error page. Am I doing it wrong?

I have a consultation set up in two weeks with a clinic that is a 4 hour drive from me (not bad) but if I could find a local collaborator that would be sooo much better. Plus, I'd be interested in knowing the price difference, if any. Gosh, I hate to sound like I'm comparison shopping when it comes to something as important as a child but if the monetary difference was significant, it would matter to us.


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