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She's Here!

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27-Dec-09 7:49 pm

My baby girl arrived on Christmas Eve via c-section.  She weighed 7 pounds and came out crying with great agbar scores.     Her big brothers are thrilled as are we to have her :)



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27-Dec-09 7:52 pm

Congratulations, sounds perfect! 

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27-Dec-09 8:12 pm


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27-Dec-09 8:13 pm


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27-Dec-09 8:55 pm
Congratulations! What a wonderful Christmas gift!!! :)

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28-Dec-09 9:31 am

Congrats! wonderful news!

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28-Dec-09 9:33 am

 congrats hun!! yay!! xox

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28-Dec-09 7:40 pm

Congrats, guess she didn't want to miss Santa so she came a little earlier. So happy for you, can't wait for the birth story and pics I am sure you can't stop staring at her and loving on her.

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29-Dec-09 5:18 am

 Congrats!! Happy CelebrateHearts

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29-Dec-09 5:23 am


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29-Dec-09 10:38 am



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29-Dec-09 11:41 am



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30-Dec-09 4:33 am

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