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C-section tomorrow morning

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23-Dec-09 10:45 am

 I can't believe it is finally my turn :)  My c-section is scheduled for 8 am tomorrow morning.  My mom is arriving today and my in-laws are hoping to make it in tonight...but I am worried about the weather for their arrival (plus my brother in laws car broke down). 


I am still praying my girl is still a is weird to still be worried about this after two ultrasounds as I never wondered whether my boys were boys (and they each only had one ultrasound).  


I will update when I get home from the hospital on Sunday.

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23-Dec-09 11:57 am

 oh please let me know how it goes! I might be having a c section and i am supper nervous. Good luck and i am sure your girl is still a cute little girl!

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23-Dec-09 4:40 pm

 Good luck!! WIll be waiting for the news! Can't wait for pics!!

Hope all goes well! Happy  LOL

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23-Dec-09 4:55 pm

HeartsGood Luck CloverGood luck tomorrow!Good Luck CloverHearts Christmas Eve baby girl!~ yay!


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23-Dec-09 5:54 pm

It's very exciting when it's finally your turn and a little scarey. Good luck tomorrow we will all be thinking of you and I am sure she is still a girl. It will stink spending Christmas in the hospital, but at least you get your gift a little early. We can't wait to hear all the juicy details and to see her little pictures. Don't forget to post them in the December picture album when you can. And, since we won't hear from you much before then, Merry Christmas.

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23-Dec-09 10:03 pm

Best of luck to you tomorrow!  You'll be holding her so soon - what a great Christmas present :)  Can't wait to see the pictures.

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24-Dec-09 12:06 pm

 congrats!! so many little ones coming around x-mas!! how exciting!

can't wait to read your update!! 

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24-Dec-09 12:21 pm

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24-Dec-09 1:32 pm

Good luck :)  It won't be much fun being in the hospital over Christmas, but at least you'll have a pretty awesome gift :)

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