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21-Dec-09 9:29 pm
Oh hon, I'm so sorry the appointment went that way. The dr sounds very insensitive - do people have no clue what is going on with our hormones when were pregnant?!?!. Is there anyone else you trust that can give you a second opinion? If it's true that labor would be dangerous than of course you'll want to go the safer route, but I too would want a second opinion at least before giving up something that means so much to you. I understand feeling robbed. I thought I was escaping a c-section with the twins as well - since I had them head down - them after 24 hrs+ of labor I was told I needed a c-section and it was happening in 20 min. It was heartbreaking, but I know it was best for the babies, and I've made peace with it now. I hope you can get a second opinion, but if you do need a c-section, I hope you can find peace with it to. Best of luck - I hope you can have the birth you desire.

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