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Giovanni Has Arrived!!!!

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18-Dec-09 11:47 am

I am proud to announce the arrival of my first son on November 30, 2009.  He weighed 6lbs and 11 oz 19 inces.  Sorry I posted this late...its just that I have been soooo busy.  I had him a whole month early.  I was in complete shock when I went into labor, especially with the fact that I started having contractions while I was driving with my children.  But I tried the best I could to make it home safe.  My husband happened to be about an hour away from home when I started having contractions, so he rushed home as soon as possible.  When I arrived at the hospital the night before I was already 2cm...then an hour later I went to 4cm and I kept progressing until I pushed him out at 6:16am.  He is the cutest little boy and I am truly am inlove with him. I am enjoying every minute I have with him!!!

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18-Dec-09 11:49 am

 Aw he is just so precious and beautiful! Enjoy him (he was obviously desperate to join the family). 

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18-Dec-09 11:52 am

 he is gorgous, a huge congrats to your family!!!! happy birthday Giovanni!

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18-Dec-09 11:55 am

He is gorgeous!!!  Congratulations.  A good size for being a month early!

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18-Dec-09 11:59 am


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18-Dec-09 12:10 pm

Congrats! I love the name, and he is adorable.


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18-Dec-09 12:33 pm
Congratulations he is beautiful x

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18-Dec-09 1:22 pm

Congrats to you. I am glad everything went well for you. I love your kids' names BTW. Enjoy him -they grow so fast (as you know).

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18-Dec-09 6:07 pm


He's adorable!

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18-Dec-09 6:17 pm


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18-Dec-09 6:20 pm

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18-Dec-09 6:22 pm


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19-Dec-09 11:37 am


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19-Dec-09 1:07 pm

GORGEOUS baby! Hearts


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20-Dec-09 5:05 am
He is so cute. You must be on cloud 9. It must feel incredible to add a little boy to your lovely family.

Congratulations. What a beautiful boy.


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