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EDD Buddy Appointments

Photography Mommy

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15-Dec-09 11:36 am

In this post we'll be keeping track of all of your fellow August Due Date buddies: Appointments: Doctors/Ultrasounds/Checkups/Etc

To help me out, you can reply to this post and leave me your update so I can set it up, or you can PM me letting me know. If I find a stray around I'll add it as well, but letting me know would be greatly apprieciated. Happy 

I'm personally wishing every one of you a Happy and Healthy 9 months, and I hope all your dreams come true. You can write on this board knowing women all over are right there with you- if you have any questions or concerns feel free to vent or chat. I look forward to getting to know all of you. Happy Giggle 

Appointments for August 2010!

Bluebooties - Wednesday December 16th for First Prenatal Appointment
Chloe - Tuesday December 22nd for First Prenatal Appointment
loopylou - Tuesday December 22nd for First Ultrasound

wantsomeblue - Monday December 28th for Ultrasound
Squints - Monday December 28th for First Appointment
- Monday December 28th for First OB Appointment/Ultrasound
becca0213 - Tuesday December 29th for OB Appointment
Alissa - Thursday December 31st for
punkin - Tuesday January 5th for First Prenatal Appointment (7w3d)
Hopeful in 09 - Wednesday January 6th for 2nd Prenatal Appointment/Ultrasound
Alissa - Wednesday January 6th for Ultrasound to Check Heartbeat/s Pray
vendela - Saturday January 9th for First Ultrasound (7w3d)
praying4aprincess - Tuesday January 12th for Dating Scan/Ultrasound
ttc.a.boy - Tuesday January 12th for First Prenatal Appointment
babybluX2 - Thursday January 14th for First Prenatal Appointment/Ultrasound

mcknight88 - Friday January 15th for First Prenatal Appointment
dollies n lollies - January 20th for First Prenatal Appointment (10w6d)
loopylou - Wednesday January 21st for Ultrasound
taadam - January 23rd for Nuchal Test Scan

vendela - January 26th for Midwife Appointment (10w)
bok+one - January 26th for Ultrasound to Check Hematoma
beck0213 - January 29th for Nuchal Test Scan (12w)
ttc.a.boy - Monday February 1st for 2nd Prenatal Appointment/Scan

Hopeful in 09 - Wednesday February 3rd for Appointment
vendela - Wednesday February 3rd for Midwife Appointment
dollies n lollies - Wednesday February 3rd for NT Scan
SnowLilly - Thursday Febuary 4th for Ultrasound
wantsomeblue - Thursday February 4th for Intake/Midwife Prenatal Appointment
aerin - Friday February 5th for
NT Scan
punkin - February 10th for OB Appointment/NT Scan
aerin - Febuary 11th for Appointment
ber_waves_of - February 12th for NT Scan
kebdal23 - Feburary 17th for Appointment
bok+one - February 18th for OB Appointment/NT Scan
vendela - February 18th for NT Scan (13w3d)
becca0213 - February 19th for Gender Scan!
SnowLilly - February 27th for Gender Scan!

ttc.a.boy - March 1st for Ultrasound/Blood Work
Buhlertalerin - March 9th for Blood Test/Gender Scan!
aerin - March 11th for Gender Scan!

kebdal23 - March 12th for Gender Scan!
bok+one - March 17th for OB Appointment
Squints - March 18th for 3D/4D Ultrasound

PerfectWorld - March 22nd for Ultrasound
Hopeful in 09 - March 25th for Appointment/Glucose

Buhlertalerin - April 6th for Private Scan
Tanya - April 6th for Ultrasound (20w)
babyxx4 - April 6th for Gender Scan!
ttc.a.boy - April 14th for Big Ultrasound!
bok+one - April 14th for OB Appointment

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15-Dec-09 11:42 am

wantsomeblue - ultrasound 12/28/09

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15-Dec-09 11:44 am

Thanks for starting this thread too Kasie...

Bluebooties - 16 December; First Pre-natal Appointment

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15-Dec-09 11:46 am


First prenatal appt: Dec 22

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15-Dec-09 11:57 am

Baby Girl Due August 10th   2nd OB appt is December 29th. Yesterday was my first appt because I was spotting. Got to see the heartbeat and got 'her' first picture! lol


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15-Dec-09 12:05 pm
My booking in appt was Dec 6th and have just received my dating scan for Jan 12th.

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15-Dec-09 1:47 pm

2nd prenatal appointment on January 6, 2010 and first OFFICIAL ultrasound on that day also

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15-Dec-09 3:26 pm

1st prenatal apt on Jan 5th at 7wks+3days

To get in with the OB I want I had to agree to see her PA for the 1st apt.  Then after that I will see her...Eek, I'm excited!



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15-Dec-09 3:28 pm

Squints- Dec 28th for first appointment

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15-Dec-09 5:24 pm

 First appt Wed, Dec 16 (tomorrow!), first U/S the day after - Thurs, Dec 17th.

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15-Dec-09 5:42 pm

I will be having my u/s and first appointment on Thursday, Dec. 17th at 8:30am!!


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16-Dec-09 4:30 pm

My 1st prenatal (8week) appt is Jan 15th

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16-Dec-09 5:49 pm

I have my next appointment on Dec 28th, it is my first with my OB, and I will have an ultrasound again as well :)

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BFP on Nov 27th!! Due August 6th

First Ultrasound on December 15th, one baby, perfect in every way!

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17-Dec-09 10:51 am
First ultrasound 22nd december at 9.45 gmt. second on 21st January

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17-Dec-09 10:53 am

my next u/s is scheduled for Thursday, December 31st at 8:30.  They want to check the babies heartbeats!!


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my beta's 19 DPO = 4673 
Ella Marie was born on October 12, 2010 at 1pm
7lbs. 14.5oz
19.5 inches long
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