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Is he ready?

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11-Dec-09 12:40 pm

My son will be 3 months old on the 15th and he is drinking 4-5 ounces every 2 hours. Even at nite he will eat the same thing and only sleep 2 ounces at a time. He doesnt seem to get full and when I feed him more than 5 ounces he gets belly ache. I am debating on giving him a little cereal once a day. He weighs 14 pounds now and was 7-11 at birth. What do yall think?

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13-Dec-09 3:33 pm

I have the same issues. My little guy eats over that amount to and can sometimes eat 5-7 ounces a feed. He doesnt sleep at night and eats same amount every few hours in the night hours. He was diagnosed with GERD and I was told to keep feeding him less amounts, like 3-4 ounces every couple hours instead to make sure he is getting what he needs. We have started Bryce on cereal to, actually yesturday was his frist day. He isnt even 3 months old yet, 22nd he will be. He weighs over 14 pounds now, and he was 8 8 at birth. Our little men are big boys for sure. If you think he can handle the cereal i would try him on runny mushy kind first and give little bit at a time, a teaspoon to start.Or you could put 1.5 teaspoon in his formula, make sure the formula is about 4 ounces then mix it in. He may like it like that, Bryce does.  Its trial and error to see if he will be full tho. Some babies just digest faster I was told. Ugh, fun fun...

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16-Dec-09 3:20 am

 Hi There, 

Well my little fella is 14 weeks old and feeds (breastfeed)  every 3.5 during the day and at night he will go 5hrs than will want to feed every 2. to 3hrs agian.  he weighs 16.5 pnds and was only 7.14 born.  I wouldnt sugest giving him cereal only because all the research shows that they are too little to process the food.  It is also linked with increased risk of allergies.  I would wait till he is  atleast 4 mths old to try him on any sort of solids and you could try something a little more natural like mashed pumpkin or something that hasnt been processed.  I am sure your health nurse could give you some great advice of when to introduse solids into his diet.  


Good luck



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