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Is there any chance?

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This is my first post on this board though I've been lurking her for some time.  I started lurking when I was thinking about having baby #2 because my first child is a boy and I so desperately wanted my second child to be a girl since my husband and I both only want two children.  I had every intention of doing my best to sway the odds when we tried to conceive number 2.  Fate had other plans though and I got pregnant before I was ready. On Wednesday I was told by the ultrasound tech that baby #2 is a boy.  The ultrasound was done at 21 weeks.  Have any of you ever known a tech to be wrong on a boy determination at 21 weeks?  I have been in such denial that I have another ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at a local 3D ultrasound place that will do regular ultrasounds only for gender determination just to get a second opinion and so I can ask them to show me what they are looking at too.  Am I just being silly?

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you aren't being silly, go get you another u/s! After about 18wks, ultrasounds are usually 95% correct. But there are circumstances where things can get in the way and depending on the experience of the tech and machinery, cords can be mistaken and so can fingers as a penis.

We wanted only two kids too. I have two boys. who are 19mths apart. Ages 3 and 1 right now. Accidentally got pregnant this time around! but it turned out to be a girl for some reason...

Having two little boys has been such a wonderful journey. I'm so excited about the future with them growing up close together. I wanted boys after watching Home Improvement growing up and the Sandlot!! ;)

Congrats on your pregnancy! And please update how the u/s goes!! see if they'll give you a gender shot pic

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Mariana....I'm sorry that you are dealing with the same thing I am dealing with.


I am back to tell you all that I just got back from the ultrasound and it does appear this baby is a boy.  At first the cord was in the way but then the baby moved around and the tech was able to confirm it.  I saw it too and though it wasn't glaringly obvious, I could see what she was pointing out and I'm sure it wasn't a mistake since that was the opinion of the other tech too.  So now I have to work on coming to terms with the fact that I will only ever be a mommy to boys.

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I'm so sorry you had to have the confirmation that it's a boy.  I'll have mine in a few weeks as well, so I kind of know what you are going through.

There is really nothing I can tell you to make you feel any better.  For me it just took time and lots of crying.  I still see other baby girls and it makes me sad, but I know that when this baby boy is born you as well as me will be extremely happy with our boys. I know this is easy to say yet our insides can't stop being disappointed for not getting the gender we wanted.  But hey...we'll teach our boys to be great cherish, love and respect women and then they'll marry a wonderful woman who will love us sooo much that we can treat her as the little girl we never had!!!!!  At least that's what I'm hoping for a good daughter-in-law!!!

If you need to talk please feel free to write.  Believe me that there is nothing going through your head that I haven't thought already.  If you don't believe me then go to the GD board and look for my posts!!!'ll have two great boys that will be best buds forever!!!

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I too was in ur boat until yesterday I was looking at every u/s under the sun on the bc u/s board to see how often they get it wrong at 19+ weeks and as I'd had 3 girl results by tell me pink or blue I was def doubting the sonographer when she'd said this was going to be my 3rd boy ..... Well I'd my scan yesterday at 22+6 and indeed it is a boy ...... I really thought I could be one of the few that could phone my hubby and say they got it wrong it really is the girl we've been dreaming of ..... I know how you're feeling but I think once u know for sure then u can start accepting it and not keep questioning if it really is a boy or just the cord hth

I've included my scan at 19 weeks and his wee manhood at the left ..... I really was in denial thinkin it could be anythin else  xxxxxxxx

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