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nub ultrasound boy or girl


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7-Sep-07 1:07 am

hello, this is my 12 week ultrasound, the doctor told me that it migth be a boy but i have this feeling that it will be a girl. What do you think? i really want to be sure!!

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7-Sep-07 1:17 am

It looks like the nub is pointing down=girl. but to early to tell?????????????? 


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7-Sep-07 6:47 am

It is hard to see the nub for sure in this picture as the baby appears to be turned more back to.  But if I had to guess, I would say boy as there appears to be more of an upward angle on the lower parts that I can make out.  Don't place much stock in my guess though as it is just that, a guess, and you still could very well have a baby girl in there!


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7-Sep-07 8:05 am

Could be a girl still so don't go buying blue! lol I really don't put much into the nub theory. It was used actually tested on one of the sonographers on babycenter, and it was wrong.

And most doctors will probably say boy since the babies have protrusions at this age.

 GL !! and congratulations on your pregnancy!!

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