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Getting closer to transfer

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29-Nov-09 7:55 am

 I wanted to give a quick reminder, because SO many people don't know this, but this group isn't over just  because the babies are being born! After all the babies are born, or the month is over, I ask Maureen to transfer this entire group over to the BIRTH CLUB where you can all continue chatting and keeping up with eachother and your sweet little ones! It'll be the same group as this one here, just kinda shifted over to a different part of the website, if you know what I mean. If it disappears from right here, you can always click an old link to the November board and it'll take you to the new area, or you can go to "Forums" and search for Birth Club under the Parenting section, November will be there with all the same posts etc. 

So please, ladies, don't feel like this group is done and gone, I'd love to see Birth Clubs come alive with women from the DDB keeping up with eachother and chatting about your babies advancements! A lot of people just fall off the DDB group and don't know that it gets transferred or that there's even a Birth Club and everyone loses touch after so many months of bonding.

Heart Btw, how many women are left here to have their babies? I know there's at least 2-3?

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29-Nov-09 1:14 pm

Btw, how many women are left here to have their babies? I know there's at least 2-3

there is myself and lovetorunhard......that is all that I know of............
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29-Nov-09 1:33 pm

 Thanks!  Happy  LOL

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