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Bryce had his 2 month visit...

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26-Nov-09 8:09 pm

Bryce had his 2 months check up and vaccines today.

He was cleared out with a clean bill of health.Cool

He now weighs 13 pounds and is 56cm...He is sure a big boy, bigger than the other ones I beelive at that age.Agree

(((hmmm now that I look at my records..I have to get him remeasured cus either she measured him wrong or my dr at his 4 week check up measured him wrong. He measured in at 56cm at 4 weeks old to.That makes him only 22.5 inches and at birth he was 21 inches..he must of grew more than that since I have to say. )))

He done well with his shots, he had to have 3 needles, poor little guy. The first needle he gave me this look of horror and screamed so loud, it broke my heart. The nurse wanted to wait till he calmed down, I said no you won't wait, you will do it right now all of them and get it done and over with. Poor thing.

He was examined for his head strength,leg strength,eye mobility and if he can smile or make talking noises. He passed all but his head..the nurse wants him to do more tummy time to gain strength in his neck. She says by now he should be holding his head up without wobbling even while he's being held facing my shoulders..hmmm hes only 2 months old. I think he's doing well for what he is doing now. He can hold his head up for quite a few minutes and not need a break. Oh well.

She questioned me on quitting breastfeeding and wished I continued. I gave her my reasons and she says ok then with a look like omg why do that to your baby...Well he's gaining weight on formula anyways, so why should it matter? People like that really turn my crank! I don't like to think or be made out to feel I'm doing harm to my baby, but what ever she can take a leap. Happy  LOL

I told her that he wasn't sleeping well befor on the breast or seeming to be full for more than half hour on the breast and is now just beginning to sleep through the night and can last few hours between feeds...she suggests I start him on pablum to put a base to his tummy...hmmm lol he's 2 months old I don't think I will do that yet.

She also asked me if I was getting the H1N1 vaccine for me and the family, and I said do I have to? She says well if you want to help prevent it and not harm your baby then it be wise to do so. Well I don't know if I want a live vaccine put in me and my kids...I already done the chicken pox one over a year or so ago and omg that was harsh for the kids as it was and the sideeffects alone were the worst...I'll decide soon if I will or wont be doing the H1N1 for the family. Ugh some people.

He goes for his 3 month check up with the peadiatrician next month and shots again at 4 months hopefully at his shots then I won't get harrassed. Thankfully my peadiatrician doesnt grill me like that.

I told her afterwards that this is my 5th baby and I do not need to be grilled, that I know what I'm doing for my own baby and she did't have much to say but ask how I do it with that many kids and still look young and thin. lol god insult me, grill me then compliment me?

Im happy he is good to go.

Hugs Violet Annick Hugs Violet

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28-Nov-09 9:10 am

Im glad to see he is doing well! I actually stoped taking my son to see the midwife's because mine were like that to! I tolk him to the dr for his check ups! I dont know why they are like that I know they are trying to help but geez! I was using a nipple sheild to feed my son and he wouldn't latch on unless I used one and apparently it was the worst thing ever and I had confused him they grilled me for bf him like that, I didn't care, he didn't why should she! They always find something mabey it was because I was a young mum i dont know.

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