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Recent pics of my babies!

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19-Nov-09 3:07 pm


Full-size image

Baby Boy - 2006, Baby GirlBaby Girl  - 2009


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19-Nov-09 3:09 pm


Full-size image

Baby Boy - 2006, Baby GirlBaby Girl  - 2009

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19-Nov-09 3:09 pm


Full-size image

Baby Boy - 2006, Baby GirlBaby Girl  - 2009

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19-Nov-09 3:10 pm
Aw they are so gorgeous and I love their co-ordinating outfits! Now I really want twins lol.
Love my babies

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19-Nov-09 3:12 pm

 Oh dear, theyre so precious!

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19-Nov-09 3:13 pm

they are so beautiful!!!Hearts

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19-Nov-09 3:15 pm

How fun!  CUTE!  How are you doing, mama?  handling 2 babies ok?Love Ya!

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19-Nov-09 3:16 pm

They are too cute!  They really look so much alike!

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19-Nov-09 3:25 pm

I've been waiting for some updated pics!!!  I am guessing they are both home? How is it with the 2- I don't see you posting much so I am guessing you are keeping busy?!  Hoping you are feeling well! Hoping Noah is adjusting to the girls. 

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19-Nov-09 3:29 pm


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19-Nov-09 3:31 pm

 OMG Look how gorgeous they look.... They take after their mommy Love Ya!

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19-Nov-09 3:52 pm

 They are too sweet!!!!  Gorgeous mama!Love Ya!


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Baby Boy 4/28/03

Baby Girl 11/24/09

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19-Nov-09 3:59 pm

They are so adorable!

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19-Nov-09 4:00 pm

 I could melt!!

your little strawberries are sooo cute!! Congrats again hun!! xox

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19-Nov-09 4:20 pm

 Darling! Precious! Adorable! I couldn;t just pick one word! They are soooooooooooooo cute! Congrats! Hope you are feeling well and babies are behaving for you! :)

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