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IT's A...... update PG 4... CALLING ALL NUB EXPERTS-HELP! 12w1d scan...

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2-Dec-09 11:51 am

Ok, just got back from my 15.2 wk u/s  - and it really seems like I have all the luck when it comes to techs refusing to even hazard a guessTongue Tied She said there was a lot of cord between the legs, but I didn't think it seemed all that bad as compared to some of the unclear shots I've seen on here...but, she's the expert. Unfortunately she wouldn't even give me a great toilet shot; the best peek I got was when she was measuring the femurs. As far as I could see from the angles she was at, there was definitely NO little turtle or oblong appendage of any kind - but that was only from what I could see. As I've learned, just because you can't see "it" in a given shot doesn't mean it's not there. When she was measuring the CRL, the babes legs were kicked very high, and I could see nothing floating around the genital area (ie. where the nub was) - but again, I know that this isn't the best angle for determining gender. In a boy, can you see the penis in a sagittal view or is it truly only visualized in the toilet shot? Unfortunately, I was not given any pictures. So from what I could see on the screen and based on my constant scrutiny of pictures on here, my guess at this point is leaning girl. But what do I know? Guess I'll just have to be patient until my "entertainment" 2d/3d/4d u/s on Dec. 18! Sorry for such an unsatisfying post, but just wanted to update Happy