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IT's A...... update PG 4... CALLING ALL NUB EXPERTS-HELP! 12w1d scan...

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27-Nov-09 2:24 pm

Not trying to get your hopes up but i can definatly see the similarities, and as you know i was confirmed to be having a girl, so fingers crossed for you, pls let us know!


Thanks for your thoughts! Those sitting positions can be tricky! I go for my next u/s (15w2d) next Weds. the 2nd, so will definitely update you all. Hopefully baby will be cooperative and showing its bits... As for preference, I always thought a girl would be awesome, but I've got myself so convinced it's a boy that I think I might even be a bit disappointed if it's not Happy I know I'll be so happy and excited with whatever I've been blessed with! Can't wait to find out...