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IT's A...... update PG 4... CALLING ALL NUB EXPERTS-HELP! 12w1d scan...

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19-Nov-09 12:11 pm

Thanks for the continued input! You can see why I'm finding this so hard - some shots seem to scream boy while others don't seem so boyish. I've been checking out the confirmed nubshots on both boys and girls and it clearly does seem that nubs like mine can go either way. When I first got pregnant I strongly felt "girl" in my head, but perhaps this is a case of wishful thinking rather than mother's intuition. I guess we shall see! I have a 15w 2d scan scheduled for Dec 2, so I will try and get a toilet shot and post ASAP. Hopefully if the boy bits are there they will be a lot more clear by that point! Thanks again everyone Happy