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IT's A...... update PG 4... CALLING ALL NUB EXPERTS-HELP! 12w1d scan...

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10-Nov-09 7:20 pm


OK all, after studying all of the nub shots on here for weeks prior to my 12 week 1 day ultrasound I thought it would be a piece of cake for me to make the call with my little one...However, after my scan today, I feel as clueless as ever (or maybe I'm just afraid to make a decisionTongue Tied). The tech was no fun and refused to guess either way...

Any input or guesses would be so awesome and much appreciated. Thanks everyone!!

**PS. More pics further down in post and on pg 2



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10-Nov-09 9:46 pm

Anyone??  Don't be shy!


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10-Nov-09 9:48 pm
I voted boy but I'm no pro ;)
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10-Nov-09 10:15 pm

Too close to call.... seems to have a tiny angle there..... hopefully more will chime in!!  Good Luck!!

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10-Nov-09 10:49 pm

 very close - this one could go either way. I'm giving a weak vote towards team blue, but only by a hair. 55/45

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10-Nov-09 11:07 pm

Thanks so much for the input girls, much appreciated! That little angle is throwing me off too Stick out tongue Keep the guesses coming!

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10-Nov-09 11:17 pm

Some different angles - left pic is of the front view, right pic another from the side. May or may not be useful for your guesses...

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11-Nov-09 3:30 am


 very close - this one could go either way. I'm giving a weak vote towards team blue, but only by a hair. 55/45



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11-Nov-09 3:32 pm

I'm driving myself nuts - I've even had the silly protractor from the geometry kit out measuring the angle (which comes out at just a bit under 30 degrees - although admittedly it's been many years since I did geometry in school Happy Wink)...Let's get some more guesses! 

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11-Nov-09 3:53 pm

Another shot


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11-Nov-09 4:11 pm

I'm going to say girl but it really is one of those nubs that could go either way.  What are you hoping for?


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11-Nov-09 4:15 pm

I agree with the others your baby has a tricky nub! Could go either way. I voted girl but the baby's back isn't completely natural in position so I think it could give the nub an angle (boy) if it were.


Make sure you update us when you know for sure!

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11-Nov-09 4:30 pm

Deep down I'm hoping for a lil Baby Bear Girl , but it's my first so either would be fine! You all are right, this is a tricky little nub - some of the others I've seen look so clear cut. I'll be sure to post once the sex is confirmed!

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12-Nov-09 11:51 am

Any more votes? Pleeaassee Happy


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12-Nov-09 12:06 pm

 Thinking GIRL.

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