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Anyone planning a homebirth or waterbirth?

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9-Nov-09 8:12 pm
I'm 35 weeks today, and I am not happy with my care providers. I want to have this baby at home, but I do have some concerns. I have quite a few friends who have had great homebirth experiences. Mostly, I just want to be in my big, six-foot tub! Waterbirth just seems so right to me. Anyone with experiences or thoughts?

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9-Nov-09 8:27 pm

 I will be trying a waterbirth with my midwives at a birthing center.. I am too far away from the hospital to be able to birth at home.. and i like their tub.. mine is awesome. but theirs has no walls around it and lots of room!!! 


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9-Nov-09 8:43 pm

I don't have the guts to try a home birth but I'm having all these problems anyways so there's no way I could. But I can't wait to hear the birth stories. :)

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9-Nov-09 9:22 pm

 I'll at least be laboring in the huge tub at the birthing center... probably delivering, too.   But definitely not at home... not enough room.  Maybe for my next baby... 

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9-Nov-09 10:18 pm
I was planning on having a homebirth/waterbirth... until I found out how my crappy insurance doesn't cover a midwife  (unless she is under the "supervision" of a doctor).  Sad   I'll probably be laboring mostly at home, and getting to the hospital as late as I can.
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