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Anyone who is not a SAHM?

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27-Oct-09 2:02 pm

Hey... I am just lurking I guess. I don't have a "big family" yet. I am pregnant with girl #3... and we thought for sure this was it. We weren't really trying this time, and it just happened. We'd had plans to for DH to get the V after this one but after some conversation we *may* want to try for #4 one day... still unsure at this point. But my question is, is anyone here a member of a big family and both parents work? I have never been a SAHM, so I don't know what it's like financially, but I wonder if I'd have to stay home if we ever did have a 4th.  Obviously this is years away for us, as I haven't even popped out #3 yet... but you know how us girls are always thinking! :)


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27-Oct-09 2:10 pm

I work 2 days/week (and that's hard enough getting all 4 kiddos out the door, with their lunch, homework, food for the baby, etc).

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8-Nov-09 11:29 am

I guess I don't really count but I do work full time at home (I have a salon in my home and am a hairstylist) my mom comes in and watches the kids who are not at school during the day and dh watches them at night.

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