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1st Birthday is approaching!!

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26-Oct-09 2:37 pm

Hi ladies!  Just wanted to pop in and see how everyone's December babes are doing?  Now that the first birthday is quickly upon us, how's life been with the little one, what's new with them and are you planning the BIG birthday party yet?

 Life with DD is fabulous!!   I could not have ever asked for a better baby.  She's always happy (even when teething, not so cranky), good sleeper, excellent nurser...she has fit in perfectly into our family. 

She has 3 teeth and another about to pop thru.  She's been walking for a little over a month.  She babbles all the time, and better yet babbles mama all the time.  She loves to dance and shake her head NO (how come they always learn that first?!).  She doesn't like wearing hats, shoes or accessories, she actually gets quite a little attitude about it!  She is daddy's little girl--cries for him if he doesn't pick her up as soon as he comes in--and she has her brothers wrapped around her little finger.  She loves any food we give her and loves taking baths (which comes right after feeding her!)  She has tripled her birth weight & grown 7".

I am a bit sad about the first birthday.  I always get a little sad.  However, I have been planning the party for a while now.  Going to have a giant cupcake cake.  I'm excited to buy all the 1 yr old toys!

so....what's new w everyone else's babies?


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