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Forum Tip #4: How to get your question answered in the forums! (Or get your post read.)


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21-Aug-07 11:01 am

The best way to get any question answered here on the forums is to WRITE A GOOD SUBJECT for your post to make sure that the right person notices your post!

With hundreds of posts here every day, probably no one reads every post -- instead people are skimming the forums looking for topics that interest them or that they can contribute to.  If your subject is too vague, the person who happens to have EXACTLY the answer you are looking for might miss your post!   If your subject is specific and descriptive, people will want to read your post and respond.


  • These posts might get missed or ignored: "Question!" "Does anyone know?"  "Help!" "Did you see this?" "This is interesting" "Just wondering" and even "OMG you gotta read this"
  • Much better: "How do you use pH strips?"  "When can I test after a 5 day transfer?"  "Al and Tipper Gore used Shettles after 2 girls" "There are ants on me!  Augh!" (well maybe not that one)

It is also easier to find a post you have read before if it has a descriptive subject!


  • If you are posting a question, try to state your question in the subject.  Otherwise try to describe whatever you are talking about in the subject.

  • Make your post in the right forum.  (Off topic posts are always welcome in the Mommy Mayhem forum!)

  • Start a new thread instead of replying to an existing thread *IF* you are starting a new topic or mentioning something new and exciting.

  • Avoid using a person's name as the subject *if* someone else can answer your question.  For example, sometimes people use the subject "Maureen" for a question about MicroSort -- I am definitely happy to answer the question, but possibly someone else could have answered sooner or better or you would have gotten 10 replies instead of one -- and probably I would answer too.  (However if you really want to talk just to a certain person using the name is okay.)

  • You can edit the subject of your post after you have posted and even after there have been replies to make the subject more descriptive.  Just view your original post and click the Edit button.

I hope no one takes this as criticism, it is just meant to help people get the best responses!  A few times people have emailed and asked me "what is the subject for" and I have explained all of this, so I thought I would post it for everyone.

Happy Posting!

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21-Aug-07 11:27 am
Good tips Maureen.  I find that the potentially "dirty" posts get looked at a lot tooDevil

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27-Aug-07 9:44 am
i totally agree with jojo on this one!!! any post that starts with "OMG TMI...." i cannot help but click on! i love to read embarassing or gross things !!!LOL!!!! even if i cant help !!LOL!!!!
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27-Aug-07 1:11 pm
Good tips, Maureen!  I hope they are helpful... even though there are some that like to be sneaky with their subjects just to make us THINK it might be dirty.  (No names mentioned *a-hem, Leila, Nissy, Maureen, cough*)Devil  Of course, I have never done something like that!



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27-Aug-07 2:17 pm

Great suggestions, Maureen!

I do tend to ignore the posts that have vague subjects. 

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22-Dec-12 12:55 pm
It’s really great post.
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